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Cub Scout Pack 11 (Marblehead, MA)
2024 Renewal Registration

We are glad you are here to renew your membership in Cub Scout Pack 11.

Please use this form ONCE for each Scout. Note that credit card processing fees (approx 3%) will be added to membership fees. You can avoid the credit card fee by mailing a check made payable to Pack 11 Marblehead to: Richard Fried, 33 Marion Road, Marblehead MA 01945

Fee Breakdown: (These are effective August 1, 2023)
Pack Fee - $40/year
Scout's Life Magazine - $15/year (OPTIONAL)
BSA National Registration - $80/year
Council Fee/Adventure Card - $48/year

Fee Totals:
$168.00 - 2024 Membership
$183.00 - 2024 Membership with Scout's Life Magazine Subscription

$168.00 (each)
$15.00 (each)

Refund Policy
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