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PHRF of the Chesapeake, Inc.

The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of Chesapeake Bay

Type: New
Certificate ID

Issue/Valid Date

Expiration Date

Handicapper: Jim Raper

Name: Dennis Hannick
Boat: GOIN'
Sail Number: 83269
Design: TRIPP 26
Highpoint Region: 4N
Homeport: King George, Virginia

Base Handicap
Rating (Spinnaker) Rating (Non-Spinnaker)
117 123
Circular Random (Spinnaker) Circular Random (Non-Spinnaker)
 114   123 
Spin Pole: -6
Sym Spin Size/Hoist: -9
Handicapper Adjust: 9
NS Adjust: -3
Random Leg: -3
Other Details:
Equipment Class: 1
Boat Class:
HS%: 155
Valid Date:
Expiration Date: 2018-03-31
Club: 22
Max Crew: 7
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