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2019 Valid List
This Valid List is to be used to verify an individual boat's handicap, and valid date, and should not be used to establish handicaps for any other boats not listed. Please review the appilication form, handicap adjustments, boat variants and modified boat list reports to understand the many factors including the fleet handicapper observations that are considered by the handicap committee in establishing a boat's handicap.

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20 Boats & Handicaps Found in ALL PHRF New England Fleets
As of 01/16/2019 at 17:58:40 (Refresh)

FleetNameBoat NameSail #DesignBase
TypeRecordedCert. ID
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GOMBabbitt, TomBravo51546J 46 Std Keel395160Renewal01/04/2019VVSBFZ-2019
NBDBall, RobEscapade30310C&C 34144150165New10/30/2018XNLYXM-2019
GOMBarrett, AndrewIris4Eggemoggin 47575766Renewal01/13/2019CJKDVQ-2019
GOMBennett, JamesAstraea60418J34C111111123Renewal01/13/2019FBDNJG-2019
GOMBlanchard, TonyJune Moone1327J-Boat J/80120120129Renewal01/13/2019LZDRBW-2019
CANConnolly, MichaelCHECK RIDE84035C&C 35-3114126132Renewal01/13/2019TNCBQC-2019
NEWCross, DuncanHarmoniaCAN1048Beneteau Oceanis 321168192204Renewal01/11/2019SXPJNW-2019
GOMCutler, JoshPemetic14J34c111117132Renewal01/13/2019GGZJRJ-2019
GOMFaber, JoeSenshin2Center Harbor 31129144153Renewal01/13/2019SQHWST-2019
GOMFowler, WinOh CarolUSA 135Melges 32242436Renewal01/13/2019BSNMKF-2019
GOMFunk, JohnRed JacketUSA 61038CT-38(Warwick)159165180Renewal01/04/2019LBYTZG-2019
SMVGollin, TimArará-Black Pepper Code 2-93-93-87New12/10/2018CVKKSB-2019
GOMHenry, JesseMigis Magic71J 32114120126Renewal01/04/2019LXSCYZ-2019
GOMHill, Wlliam JKOKOMO169Catalina 34 TM144156171Renewal01/13/2019MPNKPR-2019
GOMKellogg, BobTamarack40747Baltic 44787890Renewal01/13/2019VZNRTS-2019
GOMLedwith,Jr, R.Fiesta33474C&C 40-2 CB102102114Renewal01/13/2019PLDMPS-2019
GOMSmithwick, ChrisOdyssea52769Swan 40120126138Renewal01/13/2019FPJHNW-2019
GOMStein, David Île d'InnisfreeUSA 43594XYachts Xc42485469Renewal01/13/2019QCSWHW-2019
GOMStringos, GustBluebird17Morris 36 S D Justine162168174Renewal01/13/2019YYQQDF-2019
GOMTodd, GalenTango51542J42758196Renewal01/13/2019NTFDWQ-2019
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