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SleepMed Inc. - Company

SleepMed was formed in December 1999 through the merger of Sleep Disorder Centers of America (SDCA), based in Columbia SC, and DigiTrace Care Services, Inc. (DCSI), based in Boston MA. 

SDCA was founded in 1994 by Dr. Richard K. Bogan, who has board certifications in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and internal medicine. After becoming one of the first physicians in the nation to become board certified in sleep medicine and to accredit his sleep center through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Bogan recognized that his practice was attracting patients from across the state of South Carolina. With a professional mission to improve a patient's access to sleep medicine, Bogan began training pulmonary specialists in other markets within the state and assisting them in setting up a sleep lab in their community hospitals.  Word of mouth began to spread and, by 1999, SDCA grew to over 20 sleep labs performing over 10,000 sleep studies a year.

DigiTrace technology was developed by a team of epilepsy experts and biomedical engineers at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston.  It was the first digital ambulatory EEG equipment released to market.  DigiTrace Care Services, Inc. (DCSI) was formed in 1991 to introduce the technology through a unique service model across the United States.  This patented technology for ambulatory EEG testing has long been considered the gold standard in the US, so much so that the name DigiTrace has become a common term when ordering this type of test.  Offering superior technology with training and 24/7 service support, DigiTrace remains the nation's leader in ambulatory EEG testing services.

Together, SleepMed, Inc. is the largest private sleep diagnostics provider and the largest ambulatory EEG provider in the nation with hundreds of hospital-based, physician-based and freestanding sites.  Nearly 100,000 sleep studies and over 25,000 days of ambulatory EEG testing are performed each year.

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