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SleepMed Inc. - Company - Payor Information

SleepMed provides high quality patient care to those suffering from sleep and/or seizure disorders. As the largest private sleep company in the nation, we offer your customers the convenience of over 140 sites across 22 states. Our service centers in the following 20 major markets provide both sleep and seizure diagnostic services: 

1.   Los Angeles, California

2.   San Jose, California

3.   Orlando, Florida

4.   Tampa, Florida

5.   Atlanta, Georgia

6.   Macon, Georgia

7.   Chicago, Illinois

8.   Portland, Maine

9.   Lanham, Maryland/Washington, DC/Fairfax, Virginia

10. Boston, Massachusetts

11. Detroit, Michigan

12. Las Vegas, Nevada

13. New York, New York

14. Raleigh, North Carolina

15. Cleveland, Ohio

16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

17. Providence, Rhode Island

18. Charleston, South Carolina

19. Columbia, South Carolina

20. Dallas, Texas

21. Houston, Texas

22. Waco, Texas

23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While customized packages can be provided either electronically or as printed information, you can also submit your information on our general Request for Provider Consideration Form.

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