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"Shift Work Disorder:An Often Missed Diagnosis:Strategies for Recognition and Management."  This program is pre-recorded and archived for clinicians who were unable to attend the live dinner meetings held recently. To access the webcast, please go to: http://www.myCME.com

We are continually seeking qualified individuals for clinical research trials for new sleep therapies.  We operate three research centers in Macon GA, Philadelphia, PA and Columbia SC.

If you are located in one of these geographic areas, click here to find out more.

Sleep Training

A Clinical Case Book on shift work disorder featuring brief videas of expert faculty commentary, case study video vignettes, and assessment questions. The animated case studies demonstrate clinician-patient interaction and diagnostic approaches, including differential diagnosis, and discuss management strategies for shift work disorder that optimize sleep, alertness, and circadian rhythm alignment, considering the needs of each patient. This can be accessed online by visiting http://www.mycme.com/SWDcasebook.

Excessive sleepiness: under-recognnized and essential marker for sleep/wake disorder management. (Dr. Bogan was a contributing lecturer for this training.) Click here for more information.     Excessive sleepiness

The Purdue University College of Pharmacy CME/CNE/CPE activity, "Strategies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome: A Practical Approach" can be accessed online by visiting www.peerviewpress.com/r143  (Dr. Bogan was a contributing lecturer for this program.) 

Sleep Poster Presentations

To view Sleep research posters that SleepMed has presented at various meetings click the links below.

2010 AAN ESS and SMI as Outcome Measures in Treated Insomnia PDF

2010 AAN Outcomes in Narcolepsy Patients Treated with Sodium PDF

2010 ACCP Prevalence of Alveolar Hypoventilation in 36444 Pa PDF

2010 APSS Clinical Experience with Sleep Fragmentation in NA PDF

2010 APSS Prevalence and Correlates of Slow Wave in Sleep PDF

2010 ATS Insomnia in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Using SMI PDF

2010 ATS Outcome Measures in Patients Treated with Provent PDF


ACCP Automated Analysis of EEG by Morpheus Comparison PDF

ACCP Automated Analysis of Human EEG in Sleep with Morpheus PDF

ACCP Poster 1 OSA Gender by ESS PDF

ACCP Poster 2 ESS Factor by Disease State PDF

ACCP Poster Automated Scoring of EEG in Primary Insomnia PDF

ACCP Poster SMI in Treated OSA PDF

ACCP Posters Comparison of Auto CPAP(Respironics) PDF

APSS Automated Signal Processing of EEG in Primary Insomnia PDF

APSS Insomnia and OSA using SMI-1 PDF

APSS Mean Segment Duration PDF

APSS Natural History of OSA Treated with CPAP PDF

APSS Poster on ASV PDF

APSS Poster on SMI in Treated RLS PDF

APSS Poster Sleep Matrix PDF

APSS Poster SMI As Outcome Measure in Treated Insomnia PDF

APSS Poster SMI as Outcome Measure in Xyrem Pts PDF

APSS Poster Weight Loss Trends in Sodium Oxybate PDF

APSS Poster with Sodium Oxybate PDF

APSS Pressure Profiles in Adult Heavy Snorers PDF

APSS Quantitative Spectral Changes in Insomnia PDF

APSS SleepMed of SC Database Analysis of ESS Score and RD PDF

ATS Automated Analysis of Sleep EEG PDF

ATS Distribution of Epworth Sleepiness PDF

ATS Poster Auto Set CPAP (ResMed) vs in Lab Titration PDF


ATS Poster Incidence of PLMS in SleepMed Database PDF

ATS Poster Insomnia in OSA using Sleep Matrix PDF

ATS Poster on Morpheus Correlates of Frequency Changes PDF

ATS Poster SleepMed Database with ESS SMI BMI and RDI PDF

ESRS High Frequency Spectral Patterns in Primary Insomnia PDF

ESRS Low Frequency Domains of EEG Segments in Primary Insomnia PDF

ESRS Poster Heart Rate Variability PDF

ESRS Poster SMI ESS Narcolepsy PDF

Excessive Sleepiness PDF

WCSA Fundamental Frequency Poster JPG

WCSA Heart Rate Variability JPG

WCSA Morpheus Poster JPG

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