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If you have been a satisfied physician using our SleepMed, SleepMed Therapy or DigiTrace service and would like for other physicians to hear about your experience, we welcome your comments and ask that you use our Physician Testimonial Form.

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As we are always seeking continual improvements to the service we provide, we invite your comments and recommendations for service improvements and ask that you use our Physician Service Improvement Form.

"The commitment of SleepMed to quality in their diagnostic studies as well as scoring has allowed me to manage four beds in both Maryland and Virginia. Through their Morpheus data management and scoring system, I am able to access information from any location allowing me to efficiently manage my practice."

Greg Morgan, MD
Washington, DC

"After 20 years of co-owning and managing Greater Washington Sleep Disorders Centers from one center to 18 in the Washington DC area, I am excited to join SleepMed.  SleepMed is the perfect fit for furthering growth through its commitment to the best patient care by integrating physician and sleep diagnostic services with CPAP set-up."

Konrad Bakker, MD
Frederick, MD

"SleepMed is a first rate professional organization.  Everyone in the company goes the extra mile to provide extraordinary care and service for the patients and referring physicians."

Clifford Baggett, MD
Raleigh NC

"Our 14-physician medical practice developed a very sucessful, but demanding, sleep center.  We wanted to care for patients rather than spending our time running a sleep lab.  SleepMed acquired our sleep diagnostic center, added beds in surrounding markets, improved access for existing patients and attracted new patients to our practice.  Joining their network exceeded our expectations and was one of the best decisions we've made."

David Baratz, MD
Phoenix, AZ

"Providing the highest quality care for my patients is my ultimate goal.  SleepMed is instrumental in making that goal a reality for my patients with sleep disorders."

Uday B. Nanavaty, MD, MHSc
Baltimore, MD

"Great job!  It is a pleasure working with your team."

Lee A. Baggott, MD
Manchester, MD

"I appreciate the SleepMed organization and different support systems to hospitals, offices, physicians and, most importantly, our patients. The quality of their studies is superb. I have full confidence in SleepMed."

Fawaz Akbik, MD
East Point, GA

"Extremely painless way to furnish sleep studies locally. A quality program. Dr. Bogan is running things well, as I expected."

Jay Giesler, MD
LaGrange, GA

"A good way to provide a service without the headache of quality control and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment. Always eager to improve service. SleepMed's attention to quality and willingness to please the customer are appreciated."

Jeffrey Moore, MD
Laurinburg, NC

"In our neurology practice the benefit of sleep medicine is reflected in the improved quality of life our patients experience after identifying and treating sleep disorders that affect their neurological disorders."

Michael Nigro, DO
Farmington Hills, MI

"I've been given another opportunity to improve the quality of life for my patients due to SleepMed's contributions. I am very thankful for them."

Mark Szmanda, DO
Antigo, WI

"SleepMed offers a fresh approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders."

Charles A. Anderson, MD
Pasadena, CA

"I really appreciate Dr. Bogan's sponsorship for my sleep boards. His training, council and advice have been extremely valuable as I shifted my emphasis from pulmonary medicine toward this fascinating field of medicine."

Jeffrey Cox, MD
Rock Hill, SC

"After completing their medical director training program, I felt very confident that I could properly diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Their onsite technologists have been an outstanding asset to our program and the scheduling/scoring support has been professional, accurate and friendly."

Andrew Cichelli, MD
Statesboro, GA

"SleepMed provides excellent physician training and round-the-clock support."

Yuri Brosgol, MD
Brooklyn, NY

"Very professional and excellent staff."

George Augustine, MD
Orangeburg, SC

"I am very impressed with SleepMed's organization of sleep labs and with their commitment to further the goals of sleep medicine."

Lewis Golden, MD
Portland, ME

"The service is well organized, professional and takes the "hassle" out of operating a sleep disorder laboratory."

Robert Galphin, MD
Lexington, SC

"SleepMed gives professional, knowledgeable and courteous attention to all of our patients. The high quality sleep studies are an asset to my practice."

Michael Davis, MD
Manteca, CA

"SleepMed is committed to updating its sleep programs and continually improving their standard of patient care."

Naomi Kramer, MD
Providence, RI

"I am extremely impressed with the commitment to patient care provided by Sleepmed and the quality of the sleep studies that I receive from their labs here in the Chicago area."

Vadim Leyenson, MD
Skokie, IL

"One of the best CME and training programs I've ever attended. I really appreciate SleepMed's efforts and their personal treatment and attention to their physician network."

Eyad Mahayri, MD
Cambridge, OH

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with SleepMed over the past years. One of the best decisions I've made to date was to join with them. It is service par excellence for the patient and the physician. Everything from pre-encounter patient forms to follow-up instructions and all in between is professionally and expertly handled. They provide the total package without equal in the clinical arena of sleep medicine."

Wm. "Cam" McLain, MD
Columbia, SC

"Your service has been very comprehensive. We couldn't have done it without you!"

Laurie Mooney, MD
Ashland, OH

"Morpheus represents a clinical milestone in the management of sleep disorders."

Gershon Ney, MD
New York, NY

"SleepMed is dedicated to the continued improvement of their high quality sleep program, including a strong commitment to both patient care and making my job easier."

James O'Brien, MD
Milton, MA

"The quality of the study is excellent. Professional and courteous staff. Patient satisfaction very high."

Nidal Sakka, MD
Hoffman Estates, IL

"SleepMed is truly committed to providing a high-quality sleep diagnostic service and I'm glad to be a part of their physician network."

James Siminski, MD
Bedford, TX

"SleepMed has the correct attitude towards quality control and process improvement -- not only with patient studies, but also in the support of physician decision-making."

Kingman Strohl, MD
Cleveland, OH

"Excellent service."

Robert Thomas, MD
Walterboro, SC

"SleepMed has a great understanding of the need to achieve quality sleep studies and they always try to improve even on good quality. They really know sleep."

Dan Vardi, MD
Venice, FL

"I consider myself fortunate to be a part of SleepMed, a very high-quality organization devoted to providing high-quality sleep services in a considerate and cost effective manner. This physician-driven company stands in mark contrast to other providers acquiring sleep labs simply to add to their bottom line."

Charles Wells, MD
Macon, GA

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