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Pre-Study Patient Information

If you are scheduled for a sleep study at one of our sleep disorder laboratories, we welcome the opportunity to assist you and your physician with your sleep diagnostic and therapeutic needs.  As a patient, you should receive a mailing before your scheduled appointment providing you with the following information and forms:

    Cover Letter

    Appointment & Location Confirmation Form

    Sleep Study Patient Guide Brochure

    Patient History Form (to be completed and brought to your appointment)

    Epworth Sleepiness Scale Form (to be completed and brought to your appointment)

If you have not received this information, it may be that the appointment was made very quickly and the mailing has not had time to reach you.  If that is the case, the unpersonalized versions are available for your review below (see Sleep Study Prep below). You may review the letter and patient guide -- and print the forms, complete them and bring them with you when you come for your sleep study.

If you need more information or directions to the sleep lab, please click here and it will take you to our sleep lab sites.  If you select "sleep studies" and enter the "state" of your sleep lab, a listing of sleep labs in that state will appear.  When you see your sleep lab, you can do either or both of the following:

    If it is during business hours, you can call the number of your sleep lab to get your questions answered.

    If you simply need directions to the sleep lab, click on "Map It" and follow the instructions.

Please keep in mind that a private room has been reserved in your name and a sleep technologist assigned to your sleep study, so costs are being incurred to plan and perform your sleep study.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, we certainly understand.  Just notify your sleep lab service during normal business hours at least 24 hours before your study.  By doing so, you will incur no costs for cancellation.  However, if you do not cancel and do not show up for your appointment, a fee of $200 may be billed to you and you may be personnally responsible for that fee.  We want to avoid that as much as you do.

Video Tour of a Sleep Study
Learn about the purpose of and setup involved with a Sleep Study.

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Sleep Study Prep

2001_0506 Sleep Studies Patient Guide PDF
This brochure will help patients prepare for their sleep study and understand what will occur during their sleep study.  It also explains what they can expect to occur following their sleep study.

2004_0701 Epworth Sleepiness Scale PDF
This form should be completed by the patient for delivery to the sleep lab when arriving for the sleep study appointment.

2005_0701 Sleep Patient History PDF
This form should be completed by the patient for delivery to the sleep lab during the sleep study appointment.

Patient Letter for Study at Hospital DOC
This letter is sent to a patient prior to their sleep study at a SleepMed-operated site.  The site may be at a hospital, a practice or a freestanding facility. 

Patient Letter for Study at SleepMed Site DOC
This letter is sent to a patient that is scheduled for a sleep study at a SleepMed freestanding site or service center. 

Patient Rights & Responsibilities DOC

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