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Post Sleep Study Status

If you recently had a sleep study performed at one of our sites, thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you and your physician with your sleep diagnostic and therapeutic needs. 

Following a sleep study, this is what happens:

    Data Analysis - The sleep data that we collected from your sleep study is passed to one of our scoring technologists.  Their role is to analyze the data through a process called scoring.  This process selects and summarizes the key diagnostic indicators of your six- to eight-hour sleep study to make it more managable for your sleep specialist to interpret your results.  The scoring process can take a few days. 

    Data Interpreted - Once completed, the sleep specialist is provided with the scored data and it usually takes a few days for this physician to perform the interpretation. 

    Follow-Up Appointment - Once the interpretation is completed, you should receive a call from your ordering physician to discuss your results and the most appropriate treatment plan for you.  If you have not been scheduled for a follow-up appointment within a few weeks of your sleep study, call your physician's office for a status report.

    Titration Study Scheduled - If that treatment plan involves Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or Bi-Level Pressure, your ordering physician may ask you to return to the sleep lab for a CPAP Titration Study.  Your study will be repeated in much the same way, except with the addition of a CPAP device that will be titrated to meet your specific needs while you sleep.

    Titration Level Reported - The titration level that works best for you will be shared with your ordering physician.

    Prescription for Therapy Ordered - The ordering physician will write you a prescription for Durable Medical Equipment (DME), either CPAP or Bi-Level and with the pressure you need.  The ordering physician may also feel that a humidifier is necessary and will include that in the order.

    DME Options Provided - The ordering physician will give you an opportunity to select the DME provider that you prefer. 

    DME Scheduled - If you choose SleepMed Therapy and we offer this service in your state, your physician's prescription will be sent to us and we will contact you to schedule an appointment to begin your therapy. 
    Therapy Orientation & Set-Up - During your therapy session, your questions about the therapy will be answered and you will be oriented on the equipment and how to use it.  You will leave with your system and be provided with detailed instructions on its use, plus numbers to call at SleepMed Therapy for questions.

    Therapy Compliance - SleepMed Therapy will provide routine follow-ups with you to make sure that the equipment selected for you is working properly and that you are adjusting to your therapy with no problems.  If you are finding it difficult to comply with the therapy, we will work with you and your physician to make sure that you have a therapeutic option that comfortably and effectively manages your sleep disorder. 
     Therapy Support - Additionally, we are available 24/7 for any emergencies that should arise with your pressure device.     

Study Status

CPAP_Bi-Level_Troubleshooting_Tips PDF
Troubleshooting Tips for CPAP

Patient Letter Following a Sleep Study DOC
This patient letter is usually sent to a patient following their sleep study to explain the steps that may follow.

Suggested Replacement and Care for CPAP PDF
Suggested Replacement schedule and instructions on CPAP care

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