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SleepMed Inc. - Company - Employee Connection

The following links provide access to a number of employee-related sites. For greater security, the "Employee Connections" section on the "Main Home Page" of the SleepMed website is being moved to the "QuickLinks" sections on the "Employee Log-In" and "Employee Home" pages. As a result, it will be removed from this location in the near future.

As a result, if you are a SleepMed employee and have not requested access to SleepMed Insider, please click on the first link below. Then, click on the area below the log-in box and begin the process of setting up your employee account today.

Links for SleepMed Employees Only

Account Activation for Employee Website
Use this link to begin the activation of your SleepMed Insider account for employees only. Once your account is activated, create a desktop shortcut for easy access. For most employees, this can be done from the employee log-in page by right clicking, then clicking on "create shortcut." If you are unable to do this contact it@sleepmed.md for assistance.

Access Email
Use this link to access your SleepMed employee Microsoft Outlook account.

Morpheus Login
Use this link to access Morpheus if you have been given a user name and password by SleepMed. This site is for authorized SleepMed employees and medical staff only.

Time Manager
Login to SleepMed Insider and click on HR to find Time Manager User Instructions.

Passport Login
For the use of authorized SleepMed employees only.

Citrix Web Client Application for Windows
For the use of authorized SleepMed employees only.

VPN Client Application for Windows 32bit
For the use of authorized SleepMed employees only.

Cell Phone Sign-Up with a Corporate Discount
We have new contracts in place with Verizon and Sprint that extend to our employees for their personal cell phones.

Office Depot Employee Discount
SleepMed employees can now save money on their personal purchases. Click on this link and learn more

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