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SleepMed Inc. - SleepMed Web Site Access - FAQ

Portions of this site require users to login or identify themselves through other means to gain access. Please read below to learn more about these enhancements.

Why should I tell you what group I am associated with?
This enables us to tailor the information on this web site to better meet your specific needs, since the needs of patients, physicians, and clients are often very distinct.

Is login required?
To gain access to certain information and tools on this site, you must identify yourself as being a SleepMed patient, physician, or client (hospitals/practices.) This will then provide either direct linkage to the information you are seeking or access to a login screen so that we can safely and securely identify you. Patients will never need to "login" with a username and password, but physicians and clients will require such credentials.

How do I acquire a login account?
At present only select groups are allowed to have accounts, and we will be proactively contacting those groups. When new accounts are available to the masses, we will provide specific web, email, and/or phone based methods to aid in the creation of your account.

What are my browser requirements to access special sections of this site?
You must have "cookies enabled" on your web browser so that we can remember who you are. To learn more about how to ensure cookies are enabled on your browser, click here.

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